Moods zangu ziko down, I really dont know what is happening, things are not flowing vyenye nataka. lecturers wamestrike, means prolonged stay at school, na ata sai sijapata job ya kunisustain in Nairobi, stress ndio hizo zinaendelea kupanda, msee mwenye anafaa kunipa dooh naye ananizungusha, amekwamilia na dooh yangu, yaani am just confused, everything is getting hard and complicated. So sai kujiconsole inabidi kuwatch tu movie series from morning to jioni, surely life imekua tricky sana, everything twisting, even the thing i expect to be most simple nayo inajikalisha ngumu. Oooh my, God please help me, coz mahali penye nimefika ni wewe tu unajua vyenye nimefika apa na vyenye nitatoboa, ni wewe tu unajua my destiny, my future. Please give me perseverance and determination nisigive up ata kidogo, coz quitters dont win and winners dont quit.


9 ways to engage youth in agriculture

One Billion Hungry: Can We Feed the World?

ID-10083575In Africa over 200 million people are aged between 15 and 24, the youngest population in the world. This age group according to the African Economic Outlooks is expected to double in number by 2045. Low profitability, poor security of land tenure, and high risks are just some of the reasons Africa’s youth are leaving rural areas to seek jobs in cities, a migration that could see Africa with a shortage of farmers in the future. Given that agriculture is one of the continent’s biggest economic sectors, generating broad economic development and providing much of the population with food, this poses a serious threat to the future of farming and to meeting the demands of a rapidly growing urban population. Growing youth unemployment, ageing farmers and declining crop yields under traditional farming systems mean engaging youth in agriculture should be a priority.

Recent articles highlight this key challenge and suggest…

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The power of Facebook.

I write this article deeply moved by the way Facebook has helped simplify communication. I will illustrate this by a small story of an incident that happened yesterday.

I am a student at one university just within the central business district of Nairobi city. So yesterday I went to campus to browse using the campus Wifi. I came back home at around 4.00pm. Before I could even rest, a good neighbor of mine, a mother of three, approached me. She greeted me and then asked me if I was studying in a nearby university, she mentioned the name of the university in which I study. I told her yes I do study there. She told me she had found a lost wallet that had money and some other important documents in it, including a student’s identification card. She showed me the student ID. I looked at it to see if I could identify the owner, but unfortunately I didn’t know the comrade whose names were indicated on the student ID. So we discussing with her how we would get the contacts of the owner of the wallet so that he can recover it. She suggested that we call the school contacts indicated on  the card but I told her the landline numbers are usually expensive to call. So I suggested to her that she gives me the card I take it to the security personnel at our university entrance so that they can look for the owner. So she gave it to me and told me that when the owner is found, he can call her so that she can give him the wallet. After that conversation, she left to go and continue with her business. She owns a small restaurant as well as a small clothing shop.

However before I got out of my apartment, a thought struck me,  I could look for the owner from Facebook, because most campus students have Facebook accounts. So I made a post to a school group on Facebook. It started with the words “LOST AND FOUND!”The post outlined clearly all the details I found on the student ID including National ID number, Admission number, Course name, department, school and faculty, and I requested that anyone who knew the comrade I was looking for to kindly advise him to contact me as soon as possible. After posting I crossed my fingers and waited. That was 6.00pm.

Several comrades commented on the post, one said that he has a friend of his, a lady, who is pursuing the same course as the comrade who had lost his wallet. He said that he would ask the lady in case she knew the comrade I was looking for. I told him to contact me as soon as he got any leads.

Today, early in the morning, at 6.00am, when I woke up, I logged in to my Facebook account and found that the comrade who had lost his wallet had commented as well, putting his phone number there. So I took the phone number and called him. He was within town as well. I told him to come to campus, he came by 10.00 am, I directed him to the good neighbor of mine at my place of residence, I also gave him the phone number of this wonderful “mama”. He went and met with her, and wooow! he got back is wallet, with everything intact, money and all his documents! I was glad that Facebook made it easy for me to get to the owner of the lost wallet.

Surely Facebook, as well as other social media platforms have played a very big role in making communication easy, simple, convenient and efficient!



When January is over!

January! January! January! The most popular month so far! Trending for all bad reasons! People complaining on how this month is extraordinarily long! People crying out loud on how the sun is so scorching all the way to their wallets!:) January always catches people unawares as they are always lost in December celebrations only to find that January is here! People have nicknamed this month “Njaanuary” because most people suffer during this month. During this month people rarely eat meat! Their menus range between “sukumawiki”, cabbage to omena! People become temporary vegetarians!!

However, the long month is finally over! Today is the last day of January! Don’t you guys think we should celebrate?!! Guys through a bash!! Most people just received their pay! Now people can at least get a quarter a kilogram of meat and enjoy themselves! Those guys who love partying must have already started visiting popular bars and clubs within the city! Having fun, they say “YOLO”, you only live once!

All the same, as you celebrate the ending of the longest month of the year, don’t get lost in the frenzy and loose yourself completely. Party carefully come Friday. Always know that life is precious than money so party responsibly! I will also have my fair share of partying, I can’t be left out in the “End of January” celebrations!!

The Kenya I Want

I want a Kenya with the following characteristics:

  • Equality: I want a Kenya where everyone is equal. I want a Kenya with no gender discrimination, sexual harassment, racism, tribalism and so on.
  • Regular distribution of resources: I want a Kenya with no gap between the rich and the poor, where all resources are distributed evenly without discrimination or favoritism.
  • Employment: I want a Kenya with adequate jobs for the youth, the disabled and everyone at large.
  • No corruption: Enough with the many scandals which rob us of the hard earned money.
  • Zero HIV/AIDS infection: I want a Kenya where the number of new HIV/AIDS infections is zero.
  • Excellent leadership: I want a Kenya where the leadership is comprised of leaders  who are neither greedy nor selfish.
  • Religious: I want a Kenya which acknowledges the existence of a Supreme Being who is the provider the privileges that we get as human beings.
  • No sexual immorality: I want a Kenya where there is no premarital sex, no cheating in marriages, no cases of pastors sinning with their female members of their congregations, no men going for concubines, no prostitution.
  • High quality education: I want a Kenya where the quality of education is super and there are no cases of exam irregularities, no lazy teachers, no lazy students, no indiscipline cases among the students as well as the teachers.I want a very clean education system in Kenya.
  • Peaceful national elections: I want a Kenya whereby national elections take place peacefully with no cases of stealing of votes and other malpractices.
  • Excellent governance: I want a Kenya whereby the government is of the people, for the people and by the people.
  • Hunger free Kenya: I want a Kenya where there are no cases of drought and famine, no cases of people dying because of hunger, no cases of livestock dying because of lack of pasture and water.
  • No political killings: I want a Kenya where there are zero cases of political assassinations.
  • Peaceful coexistence: I want a Kenya where people live as brothers and sisters, no hatred, I want a Kenya full of love and caring among the people.
  • Infrastructure: I want a Kenya with excellent infrastructure in all sectors namely the transport, medical, education, agricultural and all other sectors.
  • No strikes: I want a Kenya with no strikes, be it doctors, teachers, nurses, zero index for all such cases.

That is the Kenya I want!



Mass voter registration in Kenya

Mass voter registration refers to an exercise carried out by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) every time the general elections are near. It involves the recruitment of new voters into the national voters register. The exercise began recently and already more than eight hundred thousand new voters have been successfully registered. The IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba and IEBC Chairperson Wafula Chebukati have been making press remarks every now and then outlining many important issues about the mass voter registration exercise, which is in its third week now.

There have been several challenges facing the exercise:

  1. Pastoral communities have proven to be hard to register since they are on the move every time. This has made the IEBC come up with an initiative to have mobile voter registration. Mobile voter registration simply means that the IEBC clerks move around with their registration kits looking for the pastoral communities and make sure they register them despite the fact that they are always on the move.
  2. Double or multiple registration: Some individuals use their documents to register more than one person in the voters register. This was whistle blown by CORD leaders Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka. They claimed that some people aim to use other people’s documents to register some other people who have the same political affiliation as themselves.
  3. Alleged NIS involvement in registration of foreigners into the national voters register. This was mentioned by Raila Odinga in a press conference he held recently. He claimed that the National Intelligence is recruiting foreigners. However these allegations have been denied by the government, challenging the Orange Democratic Party (ODM) party leader to provide evidence!
  4. Drought: The drought and famine that is currently being experienced in the country is also a major challenge. People have to walk for long distances to get water since the water bodies they depended on are drying away at an alarming rate. Therefore people from mostly affected areas do not go for the voter registration, instead they concentrate on looking for food and water for their families.

The exercise is expected to run until the 14th of February 2017. The IEBC chairman as well as the CEO cautioned people to register early and avoid waiting till the last day. They also added that the registration period will not be extended. They also mentioned that after the mass voter registration period is over, the national voters registration will be made available to the Kenyan citizens starting May for them to be able to confirm their details.

I would like to urge all those Kenyan citizens who have not yet been registered as voters to visit the nearest IEBC registration station and get themselves registered. If we want to live in the Kenya we want, we should participate in making key decisions concerning our sovereign country; one very important decision being choosing the leaders who will lead our country in the next five years. Voting is my right, voting is your right, voting is our right as a people of Kenya. Kindly be that patriotic citizen, go get your voter’s card and come 8th of August 2017 vote in the leader you want and participate in making Kenya a better place than it has been.

Why go to school?


From the age of five years to eighteen years, most people in that age gap spend their time in school. I remember back in high school when we would have bulk asignments and this question would arise…. Who is this being that started education? Who said people should go to school? Unfortunately no one had an answer for that.

Today I got the answer to our query. Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one. An open mind meaning that its a mind that can have broad views, great ideas, make innovations and a mind that brings about positive impact on  what they do.

Get educated, get knowledge, change yourself, change the world to be a better place.

Forever education remains to be the key to success.

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A woman,the best creation that has ever been created!

In my opinion, a woman is the very important in the society. A woman can be a grandmother,a mother,a daughter, a queen, a princess, etc. A woman is just the most amazing creation God ever made! It is said “educating a woman is educating a whole society!”

When I walk in the streets of Nairobi, I often find my eyes glued to these beautiful and cute creation! They are simply like the rose flowers! Smelling nicely and looking really attractive! Imagine some gentlemen go to the extent of risking causing accidents while staring at the beautiful women we have in Nairobi! This is dangerous though!:)

Women are the people who the future lies in them! Just imagine carrying a baby in their wombs for nine months! If you don’t respect a woman, there must be a problem with you!

So I applaud all women! And as “Bahati”the gospel singer sang his song “Mama”, lemme give it up for all women in the world! You are a blessing to everyone, we love you! Together lets continue making the world a better place day by day!

Donald Trump’s Inauguration

In several hours time, Donald Trump will be taking presidential powers officially from his predecessor President Barack Obama. It is with no doubt that many did not expect Donald Trump to beat Hillary Clinton in the presidential race last year. Many thought that Hillary would win with a very big margin, thanks to Donald’s scandles and attacking speeches.

All the same, it turned out that Donald will be the 45th president of the United States of America.

Here is what Donald Trump would like to do as @POTUS:

  • Dismantling the Trans-Pacific partnership: This will definitely have adverse effects!
  • Donald said that he would make sure that a would be built on the Mexico/USA border: This might even worsen the relationship between USA and Mexico!
  • Eliminate two regulations for every one regulation.
  • Comprehensive plans to protect America’s infrastructure from cyber attacks.
  • Direct department of labor to investigate immigration VISA abuse.
  • Impose restrictions on executive officials becoming lobbyists.
  • Reform energy policy with the goal of creating more jobs.

Donald is a very successful businessman. He is a multi billionaire! This will be a plus in building USA’s economy. He says “I can fix it! I can fix it pretty quickly!”

Lets hope for the best from his leadership!


A new power is born in me. Being a new year, I have also decided to be a brand new individual. I have decided to turn over a new leaf. I have made up my mind. A new power is born in me.

I have decided to exploit the massive potential that has been laying in me idle for a long time. To soar to the great heights I have been afraid of for a long time now. I have been afraid to venture into business, but now I have decided to take a dive into the entrepreneurship ocean! I believe I have the capability to swim skillfully in it. I won’t drown! I will swim like all the othe big fish in the entrepreneurship ocean. I am ready to take the risk. I am ready for all the challenges that might come. I will fight like a worrior. I must succeed! Yes, a new fire is ignited in me!

I will explore the world. I will take every opportunity that come in my way. I won’t let any chance go. I will stay vigilant. I will stay focussed and disciplined. I will not be distracted by girls or money or peer pressure or drug abuse. I will keep moving. Like Johny Walker,I will keep walking till I reach my destiny, until I achieve my goals in life. A new power is born!